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unamourdecarnets asked:

Hi there, quick question about teaching in japan, do you know if I can just teach for 6 months/ a semester? I'm in a long term relationship! yada yada.

Hi there! I don’t know for a fact that you CAN’T do six months, but I’ve never heard of a six-month contract being offered. It’s pretty much always a year, if we’re talking the big employers who will sponsor your work visa (JET, Interac, AEON, Amity, etc). I guess you could always sign a year-long contract and then quit early?

I sympathize with you on the long-term relationship front. Husband Thing (who wasn’t a husband at the time) and I took great pains to make sure we both ended up in Japan, within easy traveling distance of each other. Neither of us thought we could survive without the other for a full year.

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