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5 years ago today, my little brother and BEST BEST BEST friend died at the age of 18 while swimming in an old quarry.

People probably don’t realize how many local swimming holes are really old quarries that have been allowed to fill with water. These man-made lakes present special dangers: they are host to sudden cold currents that cause cramps. Once you cramp up and sink, it is difficult to rescue you due to the depth of most quarries. In my brother’s case, a team of divers took 20 minutes to locate his body, at which point he was well beyond any hope of resuscitation.

Please be careful and know the facts before you step in the water. And take any available opportunity to tell your siblings you love them.


Please don’t just drop out of school or quit your job and move to Japan… even if you’ve visited Japan before… please plan ahead and save money. Don’t just show up with no idea what you’re going to do, and if you don’t speak Japanese then I sure hope you are good friends with someone who does… Don’t just pick up and move to Japan and expect it to be all cherry blossoms and milk tea every day

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