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Hanami 2011 - Hirakiyama Park, Hakatajima Island
The final stop on the hanami cruise, Hirakiyama Park was chock-full of hilarious drunk people.  In addition to countless salarymen making merry, the site also sported an observation platform and a crazy slide that nearly killed me.  It was wicked fun!

(This was the damn slide that almost caused my untimely demise.  It’s very long and hilly and made of metal, as you can see.  The skirt I wore that day was sheer and provided no friction; as a result, I careened down the slide at like one hundred miles an hour, got a foot of air on each of the hills, bruised my ass irrevocably, and nearly face-planted at the bottom.  Fortunately, I regained my footing at the last second.
"HAYAI!" I shouted in horror.  ("Fast!")
At which point a group of blitzed Japanese men began cheering and clapping for me.  Not so bad, for a near-death experience!)

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